Import and Sales of Industrial Machines

We propose solutions that meet your needs for various inspection machines, drilling machines, and routers.

We also import and sell various surface treatment machines, drawing on the wide networks we have built in the manufacture of PC boards. We are at your service for the entire process from import sales to installation at your plant. Call and inquire with us first and tell us the features and requirements you desire. Our sales staff will propose a machine that meets your needs and your facilities.

Inspection Machines

  • Laser via-hole inspection/measuring machine
    ・Outputs the measured data with the original analysis tool, Target & Distribution Plus.
    ・Detects via-hole processing defects, misalignments and smear.
    ・Supports HDI, ABF and other products.

  • 3D surface dent inspection machine
    3D ProfilerTM
    ・Collects data on all via-hole voids.
    ・Analyses measurement results in 3D with the original analysis tool, 3D Viewer.
    ・HDI plating, IC substrates (supports flip-chip, BGA, and CSP plating)

  • 3D bump inspection machine
    3D BumpTM
    ・Detects unprocessed bumps and the radius, size, position, coplanarity and bridges of bumps.
    ・Automatic tray feed

  • High-speed hole position inspection machine
    ・Measures the position and radius of through holes.
    ・Fully compares the measured data with the design data.
    ・Outputs the measured data with the original analysis tool, Target & Distribution.
    ・Be able to allow online recheck and offline analysis.

  • High-speed hole checker
    ・Inspects the number of holes and plugging after drilling.
    ・Inspects plugged holes after plating of through holes.

  • General-use length-measuring machine
    ・A 2D length-measuring machine that meets the needs of the substrate industry.
    ・Measures and compares the inner-layer substrate (before lamination) and outer-layer substrate (after lamination) and supports stretched measurement of films.
    ・Applications include extraction inspection for the quality management division and improvement of development processes.

  • Circuit pattern line width measuring machine
    Line GaugeTM
    ・Measures the top and bottom line widths, lands and via holes after the etching pattern has been made.
    ・Simultaneously measures line width and distance between lines.
    ・Comes with measurement data book management software.

  • 3D imaging equipment
    ・Checks the thickness of copper plating and indentation of various materials before and after the plating process.
    ・Checks the depth and conformity of via holes before and after de-smearing process.
    ・Measures section profiles.
    ・Measures in 2D and displays in 3D.

CNC Processing Machines

  • Drilling machine for printed circuit boards
    CNC drilling machine
    ・Uses German Sieb & Meyer controller.
    ・Supports Excellon and various other program formats.
    ・Includes Westwind air bearing spindle
    ・Uses machine-based granite.
    ・Uses a linear motor drive and linear guide way.

  • Routing machine for printed circuit boards
    CNC routing machine
    ・Uses German Sieb & Meyer controller.
    ・Uses machine-based granite.
    ・Includes PRECISE spindle.

  • Routing machine for acrylic processing
    Router ? PA series
    ・A router specialized for acrylic processing.
    ・Uses a FANUC controller.
    ・Uses the international standard HSK25 drill holder.
    ・Includes an automatic drill-replacement system.

Sales and Production Bases

We are looking forward to your inquiries on printed circuit board manufacturing equipment (surface treatment machines).

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